The Training

The Community Responder Training

Covid-19 exacerbated opioid related deaths significantly. It caused more people to use drugs alone. As a result, The Johnston-Brais Initiative created a unique training program for Community Overdose Responders called Overdose Prevention & Resuscitation (CPR-OPR). In early 2021, The Johnston-Brais Initiative jumped into action to provide a direct response to people and communities most at risk of encountering, witnessing, or experiencing an opioid overdose. We began providing free specialized training and supplies directly to the community.

In 2021 the Community Responder Network was created and we started providing this training to people in the community who are most likely to encounter or witness an overdose. Always remember, that if your’e in an emergency call for emergency services to help. This training does not replace emergency services.

The Community Responder Network a staple in the community as we continue to provide this training to the people who are most likely to encounter an overdose situation.

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