Overdose Responders

Community first repsonders

in 2021, in the epicenter of the overdose & Covid-19 crisis the community responder network was created

Overall, in 2020, there were 2426 opioid related deaths in Ontario.

a 15% increase in 2021 with 2819 opioid related deaths in Ontario. We are community first responders.

About Us

We are strong supporters of empowering people with skills and training. We want to give (The Community} the tools and skill sets to draw from when responding to an opioid overdose.” Nick Rondinelli

The Training

This training is a direct response to the ongoing opioid poisoning crisis. This training is recommended for those who are most likely to encounter, witness or experience opioid poisoning.

We Continue to be there in the Opioid Poisoning and Overdose Crisis.


Community Responder Network in Training Gallery 2021

Skill #1: How to Give Nasal Naloxone

This video gives you step by step instructions on nasal naloxone administration during an opioid overdose crisis. Thank you for watching.

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